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Afternoon Learning Centers (ALCs)

Israel Education Project

The goal of the Afternoon Learning Center project is to help youth at risk in grades 5, 6, 7 & 8 develop the skills necessary to improve their scholastic achievements. Our focus on this age group is based on the advice of education professionals who believe that this age group is the most receptive to help and guidance and would benefit most from the program.

Israel Laad works with local welfare and social workers to identify children at risk of not completing high school because they are in danger of dropping out of school or of getting involved with crime or drugs. Priority is given to children of immigrants who have arrived in Israel in the past 10-15 years and are unemployed because they have had difficulty integrating into the Israeli work force and society.

Children Education Project

These children come from homes that cannot provide them with essential learning tools or a conducive environment for doing school work. The ALCs offer these children what their parents cannot. Teachers at the ALCs work with groups of 3-5 children at a time. Each childs weaknesses are identified and the children are then assigned to a teacher who focuses on their individual needs.

Helping these children succeed in school TODAY greatly increases their chances of successfully integrating and becoming contributing members of Israeli society TOMORROW.

This education program operates with tremendous success. Our teachers have been amazed by how eager the children are to come to the ALCs and learn once they realize that someone cares about their schooling.

We need your help to open new Afternoon Learning Centers. The annual cost of operating an ALC for a group of 20 kids is $15,000. This amount enables us to acquire the necessary space, hire teachers to work after school hours, buy books and other study aides and school supplies, as well as provide occasional field trips and sports activities that their families cannot afford.

Your generous gift can make a difference in these childrens lives and be the only chance for these kids to stay off the streets and stay in school.

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