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The establishment of the State of Israel has enabled millions of Jews to return to their homeland. While most have been able to successfully integrate into Israeli society, thousands have failed to do so. Poverty and a lack of education have limited the opportunities of many immigrants and their families resulting in thousands of underprivileged children and senior citizens who are in desperate need of help.

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Israel La’ad was founded in 2004 by a small group of business people who, aware they personally had been blessed with good fortune, felt compelled to address the special needs of these underprivileged groups in Israeli society. Raanan Levy, a Zionist activist and former Advisor to the Prime Minister on World Jewish and World Christian Affairs, initiated the project and acts as the organization’s Chairman.

Israel La’ad currently operates three main projects in several towns across Israel: "Feed the Hungry", Afternoon Learning Centers (ALC) and "Ride for Pride". Through these vital endeavors, Israel La'ad has been able to reach and provide relief to many people in need.

Israel La’ad works hand-in-hand with the Departments of Social Services and Welfare in the towns and cities it operates and has received great praise from those it has worked with. These offices direct Israel La’ad to those who need its help most. Three additional cities have requested that Israel La'ad become involved in their communities, as well. With your help, we will be able to say YES.

We believe in social responsibility, leadership and giving. Please help us bring a smile, a little dignity and desperately needed assistance to Israel's less fortunate.

"Israel La'ad" Foundation is a not for profit Israel charity organization legally and fully registered under the laws of the State of Israel.
Donors may seek tax deduction privileges according to the laws in their own countries.

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