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Letter of endorsement from the Honorable Rabbi Yona Yechiel Mezger, the Chief Rabbi of Israel (click here to view Rabbi Mezger’s letter):
30 Sivan, 5769
22 June, 2009
Letter of Endorsement
I heartily endorse "Israel-Laad" Foundation, which was established by a group of dedicated Jewish business men in Israel.
Every Shabbos and Yom Tov volunteers of the organization as well as other sister organizations in the area, distribute some 480 Shabbat baskets in the towns of Ashdod, Yavneh, Gedera and Qazrin. The recipients of this food basket are primarily old and poor couples or lonely individuals, who have no one in Israel to help them or take care of their finances. We can not leave them hungry or have them live on bread all week long.
In addition to the food delivery, Israel-Laad is operating Afternoon Learning Centers in which underprivileged children come to receive personal tutoring and help in doing their homework. This afternoon program allows these precious children focus on their schooling and stay off the street. All of them are second generation children to parents who immigrated to Israel in the past decade, primarily from Ethiopia and the former Soviet republics.
Additionally, "Israel-Laad" is contributing to "Zdakka U'Mishpat", headed by Rabbi Ben Zion Zionny, which hosts weekly seminars on Judaic studies in the Tel-Aviv area.
It is due to all the above, that I turn with a loving call to all the kind people of our nation, as well as the friends of our people worldwide, to contribute and assist Israel-Laad foundation in their continuous efforts to reach those who are in need. May all those who give and sponsor this Mitzvah be blessed with children, good life and good health. As our sages say:
A person never becomes poor from (giving) charity, and nothing bad nor harm, is caused by the virtue of giving".
In honor of the Torah and those who fulfill its good deeds,
Yona Mezger
Chief Rabbi of Israel

Letter of endorsement from Mr. Yaron Ben-Nun, Mayor of Gedera (click here to view Mr. Ben-Nun’s letter):
25 August 2005
Mr. Raanan (Rani) Levy
Israel La'ad Foundation
2 Pekeris St., Park T.MR
Rehovot 76702
Dear Raanan,
It is with great anticipation that we are about to open the coming year in the educational institutes in Gedera, in just a few days.
For our Mountain Bike team, it will be a year like never have been before.
Since the beginning of the program, several months ago, we have seen drastic changes in the behavior of these kids being part of the group. We have observed in theme more self confidence, responsible conduct and greater team-work. I am sure that their parents are thrilled to see that, and are very proud of theme.
Needless to say that the combination of making them come to the learning center 2-3 times a week, and have "in return" their sports and riding experience, has proven to be a success.
As Gedera has absorbed hundreds of new immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia we have a great deal of immediate social and welfare tasks to attend to.
I hope that you will find the sources that will enable you to assist us further more in the future, to enable us to extend the educational and sports activities for the kids that need this kind of help in our community.
Thank you for the blessed activities you do,
Yaron Ben Nun
City of Gedera

Letter of endorsement from Mr. Sammy Bar Lev, Mayor of Qatzrin (click here to view Mr. Bar Lev’s letter):

"Israel La'ad" Foundation is a not for profit Israel charity organization legally and fully registered under the laws of the State of Israel.
Donors may seek tax deduction privileges according to the laws in their own countries.

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