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The "Ride for Pride" project is a bike riding program for youth at risk of dropping out of school and ending up on the street. The goals of the project are to provide these children with an incentive and reward for working hard in school and to instill in them a sense of belonging in Israeli society as well as a love for the country.

The project has been operating since 2005 in the cities of Qatzrin and Gedera and since 2008 in the city of Ariel. Each city has a team of approximately 17 children. The teams go mountain biking twice a week with a coach who acts as their counselor in addition to being in charge of their safety.

Although they are independent programs, Israel La'ad operates the "Ride for Pride" project in conjunction with the Afternoon Learning Centers program. The combination yields optimum results, allowing the children the very best of learning and playing.

The project is used as an incentive to encourage these children to work hard in school in order to earn the privilege of participating in their bike riding team's activities. The children are required to meet the terms of the program in order to participate in the program's activities, namely, do their school and homework assignments.

The project has received incredibly positive feedback from the children's school teachers and social workers who are all amazed at the transformation these children have undergone due to their participation. The project has succeeded in getting these children who come from low socio-economic backgrounds to commit to and meet the program's requirements and comply with their school work requirements while giving them an extra curricular activity to look forward to and be excited about.

Teens who participate in the program according to the Ride for Pride requirements not only receive a certificate attesting to their accomplishments but actually get to take home the mountain bike and safety gear they have used throughout the program. What a wonderful reward and incentive!! Your contribution is what makes that possible.

Your generous gift can help us start new bike riding teams in other towns with needy children. The annual cost of running a bike riding team which involves hiring a coach, supplying 17 sets of bikes, helmets, padding and the necessary insurance is $10,000.

Help us teach these children that they can succeed. Let us give them something to work toward that will enrich their lives and provide them with a better future.

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