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Jewish Charities, a Zionist Educational Network, was founded in 2004 with the goal of addressing the special needs of the underprivileged in Israeli society.

Unique among Jewish charities, Israel La'ad provides assistance to diverse populations in Israel, children and teens at risk, new immigrants and the elderly in need.

Creative and innovative, its donor programs offer Israelis a brighter future.
Our Three Primary projects are:

Afternoon Learning Centers (ALC)

Afternoon homework assistance for Israeli youth at risk.

Ride for Pride

A "Ride for Pride" bike riding program for Israeli youth at risk.

Feed the Hungry

Shabbat Kosher Baskets and food delivery operation for new immigrants, the elderly and the poor.

"Israel La'ad" Foundation is a not for profit Israel charity organization legally and fully registered under the laws of the State of Israel.
Donors may seek tax deduction privileges according to the laws in their own countries.

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